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Policy and Public Affairs consultant

Black Equity Organisation (BEO) partnership with Operation Black Vote (OBV) is seeking a Policy and Public Affairs consultant or an individual with a policy background to help us create and develop a mandate and framework that aims to hold the next government, civil servants, and other political parties to account.

This work is part of a broader engagement drive in shaping the future of our nation through the power of voting and accountability. This is a pivotal role that will form part of the development and creation of a framework that will impact the future of Black people in the UK.

If you are interested in this role then please submit your CV and a proposal of up to 2 A4 pages demonstrating how you:

  1. Have the required knowledge, experience, and skills to develop a Mandate and accountability framework.
  2. How would you go about working with BEO and OBV to deliver the deliverables and outcomes set out above including any key risks and challenges you have identified?
  3. Have worked on policy development at a national government level.
  4. Including links or reference to any published / public seeing work

Please also provide an estimate of the number of days and your day rate and 2 references from organisations you have worked for.

Deadline: Proposals to be submitted by Friday 26th April. To apply please email the details requested to Please put the subject line ‘Application’ followed by the role you are applying for.

Further details about the role can be found here