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Institutional racism: ‘The collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. It can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racial stereotyping.’

We exist to promote economic, legal social and political equity for Black communities in Britain in order to ensure equal opportunity for progress and prosperity.

Our efforts will endorse and amplify Black voices, Black talent, Black enterprise and Black greatness in Britain.

We are here to be a powerful advocate for Black people in the UK and work toward the dismantling of systemic racism in our society.

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Equity and Equality: What's the difference?

Equality means every person, group of people, or segment of society gets the same opportunities, resources and support.

But equity goes further. People with different circumstances – those who have been historically marginalised and oppressed, for example – receive varying levels of opportunities and support so they are able to reach an outcome equal to others. It levels things up.

Both concepts are essentially about fairness, but while equality sees everyone treated the same, equity achieves this by taking into account people’s different starting points.

BEO works to dismantle those obstacles, to get everyone to the same starting point and to ensure people have what they need to achieve balanced outcomes.

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The Black Lives Matter movement of 2020 demonstrated the urgent need for organisations dedicated to achieving racial justice in our lifetime, to secure a just and better future for Black and other racialised minorities young and old. The Runnymede Trust, which has been addressing these challenges since 1968, looks forward to working with the BEO to continue to challenge racism in all its forms
The Runnymede Trust