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Shaping The Future of Black Britain

Crafting the Future Together: Black Britain’s Mandate 

This election cycle represents a pivotal opportunity for change. That is why the Black Equity Organisation (BEO) and Operation Black Vote (OBV) have teamed up and are on a mission to ensure Black voices are front and centre in shaping the future of our country through voting and the Black Britan’s Mandate, whoever wins the election.

Thanks to Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and Network for Social Change for funding this ambitious initiative, which is our collective call to action for the next government. It will present a united front for increased Black voter registration and participation and emphasise our priorities from across the UK.

Our mission is clear: to ensure that our voices are heard. We can shape the future of our society by actively voting and holding the government, elected officials, and political parties accountable to their pre-election manifesto commitments. We aim to ensure our communities can thrive under the framework of our Black Britain’s Mandate, which will launch in September.  Our goal is to help shape a modern Britain that serves everyone, regardless of background. This effort transcends politics; it’s about driving real change.

We stand on the cusp of a generational shift and are eager to channel the voices and priorities of the young Black population aged 18-30 and all Black people in the UK.

Take action today, attend our online launch and regional events, make sure you are registered to vote, take part in the Mandate poll

Black Britain’s Mandate is more than a set of demands. It’s a movement to unify the diverse voices within our communities, empower us all to exert our political influence and mould a vision for a 21st-century Britain that is deeply rooted in the principles of a vibrant multicultural democracy. This mandate is our stance against historical injustices and our stride towards a future where justice, equality, and inclusivity are not just ideals but realities for all.

Engage, Empower, Enact 

Our approach is multifaceted: 

  • Strategic engagement: BEO has engaged six local community organisations to facilitate events across the UK to encapsulate our collective aspirations and concerns. Targeted online sessions will also cater to specific segments of the Black diaspora, ensuring a comprehensive representation of our communities. These activities have been created to foster open dialogue about the challenges we face and the changes we wish to see through art and knowledge sharing. Attend an event
  • Voter registration and participation campaign: In tandem with these events, we will be spearheading efforts to boost voter participation. Through local promotions and knowledge-sharing initiatives, we aim to ensure our voices are heard where they matter – at the ballot box. Make sure you are registered to vote,
  • Co-production over extraction: This journey is a collaborative one. Following the mandate’s launch in September 2024, we remain committed to ongoing dialogue with communities across the UK. Our goal is to sustain a dynamic conversation on race equity and Black progress, empowering every voice to influence national discourse. 
  • Poll & strategic pillars: A specially crafted poll will explore key strategic areas identified by BEO. This poll will gather insights at community events and reach a national audience, inviting every individual to highlight their priorities for the mandate. Take part in the poll

Looking Ahead 

The culmination of these efforts will see the launch of the Black Britain’s Mandate in September 2024, strategically positioned ahead of the main political party conferences and the impending general election. This mandate will be the cornerstone of our accountability framework, guiding us in holding the forthcoming government to its manifesto commitments during its critical first 100 days. Thereafter, the Mandate will continue to serve as a pivotal framework for holding political parties accountable throughout the full term of the government, ensuring that the actions and commitments of the government are consistently evaluated against the needs and expectations of Black communities, as set out by the Mandate.

Be Part of This Historic Journey 

Your voice, your participation, and your vision are indispensable. Join us in crafting a future where the Black community in the UK can not only envision but actively participate in creating a society that celebrates diversity, champions equity, and honours our collective humanity. 

Let’s help shape a brighter future for Black Britain together.