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Our partners

Our partners

Operation Black Vote

Operation Black Vote (OBV) empowers Black British and ethnic minority communities to actively engage in the UK’s democracy, focusing on voter registration, community engagement, and tackling racial inequalities. OBV addresses lower voter registration rates in these communities compared to the national average and promotes greater involvement in civic society and political processes. Additionally, OBV works to address racial disparities in areas such as education, healthcare, and employment. Utilising voter registration campaigns and community outreach, OBV advocates for a strong Black and ethnic minority voice in British politics to foster a fairer and more just society.

Birmingham Race Impact Group

Birmingham Race Impact Group (BRIG), born out of the 2020 BLM protest in Birmingham, aims to create an Anti-Racist City. Established on May 5, 2021, and officially launched on July 12, 2021, it became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on June 7, 2023. With a focus on Keeping Race on the Agenda, BRIG’s objectives include passing the baton to future generations and holding institutions accountable. It has developed a Birmingham Race Equality Manifesto with 15 demands, which will be integrated into a 10 -Year Race Equality Delivery Plan. BRIG hosts bi-annual Race Impact Summits, publishes thematic position papers, and is developing an Anti-Racist Places Framework. Engaging extensively with communities, especially youth, BRIG organises events like Chest Cam and Pass the Baton Anti-Racist Festival and collaborates with schools, colleges, and universities across the city.

Intercultural Youth Scotland

Intercultural Youth Scotland (IYS) is the foremost charity in Scotland dedicated to supporting Black and People of Colour (BPoC) youth. As a community, service, and advocate, IYS offers a safe environment for BPoC young people to develop their skills and express themselves. Drawing from years of experience in youth work and personal insights, IYS is well-equipped to address the unique challenges faced by its community. Their services encompass youth work, education, employability, advocacy, and mental health support, aiming to empower BPoC youth across Scotland.

The Caribbean & African Health Network

The Caribbean & African Health Network (CAHN) is a Black-led organisation founded in 2017 in Greater Manchester to tackle health disparities within the Black community. Initially local, CAHN now operates nationally, advocating for addressing social determinants and reducing health inequalities for people of Caribbean & African heritage in the UK. Collaborating with Black communities and cross-sector organisations, CAHN aims to foster resilience, equity, and a social movement to combat health and societal disparities. They engage in forums across Greater Manchester, maintaining communication during critical periods, including COVID-19, and collaborate with Black Majority engagement from churches. CAHN’s flagship events, like the annual Windrush event, attract significant attendance. Their outreach initiatives, such as health sessions and awareness campaigns, strengthen community relationships and trust.

The Africa Centre

Established 60 years ago, The Africa Centre has been a beacon for education, connection, and advocacy for Africa and its Diaspora. Initially formed during the era of colonial rule, it played a pivotal role in fostering connection, debate, and strategic planning for independence movements across the continent. Over time, its mission evolved to address pertinent issues facing people of African descent globally, serving as a nexus for South African anti-apartheid efforts and local Black British civic and human rights movements. The Centre has been instrumental in nurturing cultural and social organisations, many of which thrive today, and has provided a platform for emerging artists who have achieved international acclaim in music, theatre, and the visual arts. Central to its ethos is the Young Africa Centre, a dynamic collective of volunteers aged 18 to 35, driving youth-oriented programming notably, the Chakula programme, funded by the National Lottery’s Propel Grants, focuses on engaging African LGBTQI+ communities, ensuring the relevance of The Africa Centre’s activities for the next generation.

Diverse Youth NI

Diverse Youth NI, a BAME-led organisation in Northern Ireland, focuses on youth work, social justice, and inclusion. Supported by local fundraising and grants, it empowers BAME youth to be active citizens and future leaders. With a commitment to collaboration and innovation, it aims to establish sustainable partnerships for the benefit of young people, setting the pace in critical areas of support.