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Black Voices Reports

Being Black in Britain

BEO’s research into the lived realities of Black communities in the UK

Black Equity Organisation commissioned two pieces of research – quantitative and qualitative – to capture the diverse voices of Black people in the UK and their experiences in education, health, criminal justice, housing, culture and opportunities. The studies provide vital insight into Black people’s daily lived experiences of systemic racism and explore the role BEO must play in dismantling it.

Fundamental problems remain in the fight for racial equality

The research shows the impact of systemic racism at the heart of UK society, within institutions, structures and policies. There is a stark lack of representation of Black people in senior positions in education, healthcare, and in the media.

Black people regularly experience microaggressions and subtle discrimination. Racism has a big impact on their sense of identity, belonging and wellbeing.

65% of Black people have been discriminated against by healthcare professionals because of their ethnicity. Over half say they, or someone close to them, have experienced stop and search or wrongful arrest. 50% of Black parents say the teacher workforce and school curricula do not reflect or represent Black culture.

60% of Black people don’t see systemic change coming from the very institutions that discriminate against them. They are hopeful in the strength and energy of Black people.

Emerging from the stories and statistics in these reports are clear actions for BEO to have a positive impact in the lives of Black people in Britain.

BEO will provide strong leadership and push for tangible change, using the recommendations from these reports to make Britain a fairer and more equitable place for the Black population.

Find out more about conclusions, calls to action and our commitments in the reports that can be downloaded here.

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