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Who we are

BEO is an independent, national Black civil rights organisation created to dismantle systemic racism in Britain, drive generational change and deliver better lived experiences for Black people across the country.

We are ready for a generational shift and will strive tirelessly to dismantle systemic racism and make the UK a better, fairer country for Black people.

Hope is not enough. Swift action and results are urgently needed.

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BEO is here to help society wipe out racist views and move from racial negativity to cultural positivity to real Black Equity.

We are as firmly opposed to the issues of injustice, discrimination, racism, institutionalism, bigotry, intolerance and negativity, as we are committed to the solutions of equality, humanity, positive change and action.

We believe the key to these solutions lies in hard facts and data.

BEO is serious about hard facts. The hard fact is, racism is still present in Britain. The hard fact is, we’ve said ‘it’s time’, time and time again.

Who are we for? 

BEO is here for all Black African, Black Caribbean and Black mixed heritage communities in the UK. We stand in solidarity with other race equality and social justice organisations nationally and internationally. We believe that if we lift Black people up and tackle systemic racism, we will all benefit.

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The murder of George Floyd and the devastatingly disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black people reignited painful but important conversations about how systems and institutions work against Black people in Britain.

The events of 2020 may have shocked us into a moral introspection around the depths of anti-Black racism endemic in British society, but they were just the latest examples of how systems and institutions are failing Black communities.

The Windrush Scandal, the Grenfell Fire Tragedy and the Stephen Lawrence Investigation are part of the same story. So many more don’t make the headlines.

We also see strong momentum, hope and willingness to change in all corners of our society.

But this is not enough to uproot racism in the UK and affect real change. It needs focus, organisation, resources, togetherness and, importantly, leadership.

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