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Questions and answers from the Shaping Black Britain Online Event

Community and Political Action

The culmination of our efforts will see the launch of the Black Britain’s Mandate in September 2024, strategically positioned ahead of the main political party conferences and the impending general election. This mandate will be the cornerstone of our accountability framework, guiding us in holding the forthcoming government to its manifesto commitments during its critical first 100 days. Thereafter, the Mandate will continue to serve as a pivotal framework for holding political parties accountable throughout the full term of the government, ensuring that the actions and commitments of the government are consistently evaluated against the needs and expectations of Black communities, as set out by the Mandate.

Working together is essential. Our partnership helps us go further when we work together and the same thing needs to be the same in the Black community. We're aware of our power and rights and we have the confidence to hold the govt to account and then we will begin to see the changes we need to see - Timi

If you're not at the table, you're on the menu. If we don't show up to vote, our voices will not be heard at all. We need to actively participate to be represented in political parties and government.

The Black community is a broad church and not a homogeneous grouping of people. BEOs role is not to judge the actions of others in the Black community but to provide opportunities for collaboration and convening of the diaspora of Black voices.

Sadly this is a stereotype that is sometimes levelled at the Black community. This project typifies how two organisations have come together to create a partnership of equals between BEO and OBV alongside our community partners. Its important that we all model ethical leadership and look to work with others where cooperation will create better outcomes for all.

This is a question not just for BEO and OBV but for all of us in Black communities up and down the country. We should all seek to be proactive in calling out misogyny, homophobia, racism and ableism when it happens.


Engagement and Outreach

BEO will be looking to use its network of celebrities and influences to support the launch of the Mandate once completed.

The Black Mandate focuses on the emancipation of people of Afrikan heritage. It emphasises the transfer of knowledge from elders to the younger generation, fosters collaboration and joint efforts, and aims to disrupt the entrenched systemic racism in our society. Throughout this initiative, it is crucial that both BEO and OBV demonstrate ethical leadership and ensure that all voices are heard, consciously steering clear of colonial influences and avoiding a Eurocentric approach. Building partnerships and forming coalitions are acts of Black radicalism, reflecting our collective history of Black civil rights movements in the UK and around the world.

At our regional events, we will inform attendees about how they can impact their local communities and actively participate in using the Black Mandate following its launch. We plan to present the Black Mandate to all major political parties and will be actively engaging at the conferences in September to promote its key elements. Following the election, we aim to establish a formal agreement with the winning party to ensure that the Mandate is integrated into the new government's strategy for addressing systemic racism and its effects on Black communities in the UK.



We are collaborating with partners throughout the UK to host events nationwide, including in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Moving forward, we aim to expand our initiatives to enhance physical activity across the UK, particularly in the Southwest and Southeast regions. View current events here.

We currently do not have any stored data on this specific issue. However, you can find relevant statistics and research on our website at

BEO exists to promote economic, legal social and political equity for Black communities in Britain in order to ensure equal opportunity for progress and prosperity.

Our efforts will endorse and amplify Black voices, Black talent, Black enterprise and Black greatness in Britain.

We are here to be a powerful advocate for Black people in the UK and work toward the dismantling of systemic racism in our society. We focus on strategic work to lead to long term change, and work with other organisations to convene and work together.

BEO has received funding for specific projects, including the F100 programme in partnership with Sky, as well as from other organisations like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Additionally, we receive contributions from individual donors. If you would like to support our work, you can donate via our website



Yes, it's open to everyone but primarily focuses on the perspectives of Black people

Yes, please feel free to share the mandate poll with your network.