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Black and Scottish: Hear My Voice!

Civic House, Glasgow

Who is this for:  Young Black Adults & Black Students (18-25)

Event Synopsis: 

Intercultural Youth Scotland is proudly announcing the ‘Building Black Britain’s Mandate—It’s time to have our Say!’ event in collaboration with BEO and Operation Black Vote (OBV). Tailored for Black youth aged 16-30, the event aims to amplify their voices and aspirations, particularly as they are the least registered group of voters in the region. 

The event will feature young poets from Intercultural Youth Scotland who will perform spoken word pieces, expressing their visions for the future, including Ace Vision, JJ Fadaka and Rianna Andrews.  

A panel discussion will engage young advocates working on education policies within schools, exploring the challenges and opportunities in the education system, and the work they’ve been doing with Scottish Governments – looking at limitations and current successes.  

An interactive workshop, potentially centred around zine building in collaboration with Exhale Group in Glasgow, will enable participants to collaborate on Black Britain’s Mandate—articulating the aspirations, demands, and priorities of Scottish Black youth. This mandate will serve as a tool for young people to shape their ideal futures and agendas.  

Participants will have the opportunity to register to vote at the event, emphasising the importance of exercising one’s power in shaping Scotland’s future. Food, music, and community-building activities will be provided, fostering connections and collaborations. 

The event will also include calls to action for local groups, charities, and individuals to contribute to a future where the voices of Black youth are actively listened to and acted upon. 

About IYS

Intercultural Youth Scotland (IYS) is the foremost charity in Scotland dedicated to supporting Black and People of Colour (BPoC) youth. As a community, service, and advocate, IYS offers a safe environment for BPoC young people to develop their skills and express themselves. Drawing from years of experience in youth work and personal insights, IYS is well-equipped to address the unique challenges faced by its community. Their services encompass youth work, education, employability, advocacy, and mental health support, aiming to empower BPoC youth across Scotland.