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Community Leaders Workshop and Rock the Vote Event

Who is this for:  All Black and Global Majority People with a focus on under 30s

Event Synopsis:

Diverse Youth NI and Northern Ireland Global Majority Community will host two impactful events to empower communities and foster civic engagement.

A ‘Community Leaders’ Workshop will bring together representatives from across Northern Ireland in a half-day training session focusing on the essence of voting, the intricacies of the voter registration process, voter requirements, and identification procedures. Equipped with newfound knowledge, these leaders will return to their communities as ‘Peer Educators,’ conducting workshops and one-on-one sessions to spread awareness and facilitate voter registration.

Following the workshop, the spotlight shifts to the vibrant and energetic ‘Rock the Vote!’ Awareness Raising Event. This gathering promises a delightful blend of food, music, and camaraderie. Focusing on promoting the impact of global music, this ticketed event serves as a platform to underscore the importance of voting and voter registration, particularly targeting first-time and younger voters, including students.

At the heart of the event lies the innovative ‘video booth,’ inviting attendees to share their aspirations and wishes for global majority voters. Complemented by a social media questionnaire, attendees’ voices will echo beyond the event, contributing to the formulation of a collective manifesto. Additionally, a mini mandate workshop during the event will offer participants the opportunity to share ideas promoting Black and Minority Ethnic Excellence.

The ‘Rock the Vote!’ event will resonate within the global majority communities and reverberate across the wider Northern Ireland community, serving as a beacon of awareness and inclusivity.

About Diverse Youth NI

Diverse Youth NI, a BAME-led organisation in Northern Ireland, focuses on youth work, social justice, and inclusion. Supported by local fundraising and grants, it empowers BAME youth to be active citizens and future leaders. With a commitment to collaboration and innovation, it aims to establish sustainable partnerships for the benefit of young people, setting the pace in critical areas of support.