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Power of the Black Vote

Legacy Centre of Excellence, Birmingham

Who is this for: Young Black Adults & Black Students (18-35)

About the event:  

The Power of the Black Vote launch campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage young Black adults & students to register to vote for both the Mayoral Elections on 2nd May and the subsequent General Election in Autumn 2024. The campaign will consist of both a Black Voter Registration drive for National Voter Registration Day on 14th April and the deadline for the West Midlands Mayoral voter registration on 16th April, and a campaign event focusing on engaging young Black adults and students (18 – 35) for the coming General Elections this Autumn.

The event aims to empower the community through greater democratic participation by unlocking the transformative potential of the Black Youth Vote in shaping the future of Black communities!!!

This event isn’t just about rallying Black youth to the polls; it’s about amplifying their voices and addressing the issues that matter most to them. From the streets to places of worship, workplaces to trade unions, we’re mobilising Black youth to make their voices heard and demand the change they deserve. Together, we will shape “Black Britain’s Mandate for a 21st century Britain that values and uplifts Black communities.

This electrifying evening will ignite the power of the Black Youth Vote. Prepare to be inspired by dynamic speakers and impassioned poets who will speak truth to power.

Confirmed Speakers: Speakers include Amira Campbell (University of Birmingham Guild President), Siobhan Haper-Nunes (BRIG), Deirdre La Bassiere (Chair of Legacy Center of Excellence), Lee Jasper (OBV), with many to follow.

About BRIG

BRIG, born out of the 2020 BLM protest in Birmingham, aims to create an Anti-Racist City. Established on May 5, 2021, and officially launched on July 12, 2021, it became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on June 7, 2023. With a focus on Keeping Race on the Agenda, BRIG’s objectives include passing the baton to future generations and holding institutions accountable. It has developed a Birmingham Race Equality Manifesto with 15 demands, which will be integrated into a 10 -Year Race Equality Delivery Plan. BRIG hosts bi-annual Race Impact Summits, publishes thematic position papers, and is developing an Anti-Racist Places Framework. Engaging extensively with communities, especially youth, BRIG organises events like Chest Cam and Pass the Baton Anti-Racist Festival and collaborates with schools, colleges, and universities across the city.