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Workshops for Black people

11am to 3pm
The African Centre, London

Also events on:

8th June – 11am to 3pm (Young People)
13th July – 11am to 3pm (LGBQT+)

Who is this for:  All Black people with workshops targeting Young Black Adults &  Black Students (18-25), LGBTQI+ community

Event Synopsis:

The Africa Centre will be running a series of interactive workshops designed to foster community engagement and shape a robust and meaningful mandate that aims to hold the Government accountable and raise voting awareness.

The sessions are aimed and open to its diverse community members, including it’s young adults, LGBTQ+ and broader community members.

Each workshop will follow a structured yet inviting agenda. Attendees will embark on a journey of exploration, beginning with introductions and an overview of the Centre’s mission, alongside partners like The Black Equity Organisation and Operation Black Vote. Participants will delve into key themes through facilitated discussions, exploring challenges and proposing solutions.

The sessions will encourage open dialogue, ensuring every voice is heard. From dissecting the core pillars of the mandate to addressing broader concerns and the importance of voter engagement, the workshops will be led by experienced facilitators adept at nurturing engaging conversations.

About The Africa Centre

Established 60 years ago, The Africa Centre has been a beacon for education, connection, and advocacy for Africa and its Diaspora. Initially formed during the era of colonial rule, it played a pivotal role in fostering connection, debate, and strategic planning for independence movements across the continent. Over time, its mission evolved to address pertinent issues facing people of African descent globally, serving as a nexus for South African anti-apartheid efforts and local Black British civic and human rights movements.

The Centre has been instrumental in nurturing cultural and social organisations, many of which thrive today, and has provided a platform for emerging artists who have achieved international acclaim in music, theatre, and the visual arts.  Central to its ethos is the Young Africa Centre, a dynamic collective of volunteers aged 18 to 35, driving youth-oriented programming notably, the Chakula programme, funded by the National Lottery’s Propel Grants, focuses on engaging African LGBTQI+ communities, ensuring the relevance of The Africa Centre’s activities for the next generation.