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Engage & Empower: Black Community Electoral Participation

West Indian Sports & Social Club Westwood St, Moss side, Manchester M14 4SW United Kingdom

Who is this for: Young Black Adults &  Black Students (18-25)

Event Synopsis:

This groundbreaking event, orchestrated by CAHN, aims to catalyse Black community involvement in the electoral process through consultation, co-production, and awareness-raising efforts.

Through presentations and panel discussions, attendees will gain insights into priority issues affecting the Black community. A pivotal panel discussion featuring diverse voices seeks to amplify marginalised perspectives and foster unity.

Break-out Discussions will allow attendees to further engage in facilitated discussions on specific topics such as racial equality, healthcare, and education, enabling deeper exploration and collaboration.

Keynote speakers with further raise awareness, dispel myths surrounding electoral participation and highlight its importance. Attendees will be educated on systemic barriers and empowered to overcome them.

This event endeavors to empower the Black community, leveraging collaboration and inclusive engagement to shape a future reflective of their aspirations and needs.

About CAHN

The Caribbean & African Health Network (CAHN) is a Black-led organisation founded in 2017 in Greater Manchester to tackle health disparities within the Black community. Initially local, CAHN now operates nationally, advocating for addressing social determinants and reducing health inequalities for people of Caribbean & African heritage in the UK. Collaborating with Black communities and cross-sector organisations, CAHN aims to foster resilience, equity, and a social movement to combat health and societal disparities. They engage in forums across Greater Manchester, maintaining communication during critical periods, including COVID-19, and collaborate with Black Majority engagement from churches. CAHN’s flagship events, like the annual Windrush event, attract significant attendance. Their outreach initiatives, such as health sessions and awareness campaigns, strengthen community relationships and trust.