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Shaping The Future of Black Britain: Bringing It All Together

This election cycle represents a pivotal opportunity for change. That is why the Black Equity Organisation (BEO) and Operation Black Vote (OBV) have teamed up and are on a mission to ensure Black voices are front and centre in shaping the future of our country through voting and Black Britain’s Mandate, whoever wins the election.

Join us for the last of an impactful series of events, Shaping Black Britain: Bringing It All Together. This event marks the culmination of the BEO and OBV journey across the UK, engaging with Black communities to discuss voting, voter participation, and the systemic challenges they face.

Key Issues and Statistics

Media Representation: Two-thirds of Black people say the media portrays them unfairly, with Black individuals often depicted through stereotypes and racial tropes. Source

Housing Inequality: Black people are almost three times more likely to live in social housing compared to white counterparts. Additionally, Black African communities have among the highest levels of overcrowding at 16.3% compared to 1.7% for white households. Source

Policing: Black individuals are 2.4 times more likely to be arrested than white people and are subject to disproportionately higher rates of stop and search. Source

Educational Disparities: Black Caribbean pupils are more likely to be excluded from school and face significant challenges in higher education outcomes, with only 9% entering high-tariff institutions, the lowest rate among ethnic groups. Source

Employment Discrimination: Black people hold just 1.5% of the UK’s most powerful roles despite making up 3.6% of the population, and they face significant barriers to career progression in various industries. Source

Why Black Britain’s Mandate is Needed Now

Black Britain’s Mandate is a critical initiative to hold the government accountable to the demands of Black communities. This mandate will address longstanding issues of inequality and push for systemic changes across multiple sectors, including housing, education, employment, and criminal justice. The aim is to ensure that promises made by political parties translate into tangible actions that improve the lives of Black people in the UK Source

Why Your Vote Matters

Voting is a powerful tool for change. Black communities must engage in the political process to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are addressed. Historically, voter turnout among Black communities has been lower than average, but by mobilising our collective voices, we can significantly impact electoral outcomes and drive policy changes that benefit everyone. Source

Join Us

This event is not just for this moment. It’s another stepping stone for the next generation. Your participation will contribute to shaping a more inclusive and equitable Britain. Don’t miss out on this on being part of the change you want to see

Who is it for?

All Black people of African and Caribbean heritage, students, the employed, unemployed, parents, campaigners and civil rights organisations, allies and those working for social justice and a better future for Black people.

So, if you’re ready to be part of something meaningful, mark your calendar and join us at our online launch event. Let’s shape the future of Black Britain together!

Let’s come together to ensure our voices are heard and lead to real change. Be part of the solution and help us advance a mandate for a better future.

Register Now: [Event Registration Link]

This event will be hosted by the Black Equity Organisation (BEO) in partnership with Operation Black Vote (OBV). Thanks to Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and Network for Social Change for funding this ambitious initiative, which is our collective call to action for the next government.

Join the conversation. We are here to convene, listen and action

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