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The Future of Black Activism in the UK with the Reverand Al Sharpton

BY BEO | 14/02/2023

Iconic civil rights leader Rev Al Sharpton joined guests at the UK event on the future of Black activism which was held in partnership with the Black Equity Organisation, the Advocacy Academy and the Alliance for Police Accountability at the IDPAD Empowerment centre in Hackney on 7th February, 2023.

Rev. Al took part in a panel discussion with Liv Francis-Cornibert, BEO Trustee Athian Akec, Lee Jasper and Chantelle Lunt on the past, present and future of activism in the Black community, as well as giving a keynote speech on the importance of the Black civil rights movement both in the US and the UK.

“Civil rights didn’t write your resume, but civil rights made somebody read your resume.” 

Sharpton emphasised the importance of division of labour in the fight for racial equity, as well as recognising that without the struggles and fights of generations before us, we wouldn’t have the opportunities we have today.

He also spoke of the importance of Black women in the space.

“If a Black woman has to step back for you to feel like a strong Black man then you ain’t a man anyway. A Black man is not challenged by a strong Black woman but strengthened by one.”

A key theme for the night was the importance of togetherness and unity in the Black community.

“The blood that binds us is thicker than the water that divides us.”

We are incredibly thankful to Reverend Al Sharpton, our panelists, co-chairs and attendees for their contributions to an incredible event full of passion, empowerment and unity.

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