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Discrimination must be driven out of UK sport, says the Black Equity Organisation

BY BEO | 31/03/2023

Responding to the resignation of the chairman of Cricket Scotland, following a perceived lack of progress to drive racism out of the sport, as well as reports players and coaches at Yorkshire County Cricket Club used racist language, Black Equity Organisation Chief Executive Dr Wanda Wyporska said:

“Anjan Luthra’s resignation as chair of Cricket Scotland is a lesson to those who may think that paying lip-service to the fight against racism is enough. Luthra was named chairman in October 2022 to help clean up the sport, months after SportScotland found Cricket Scotland failed 29 of 31 tests over institutional racism.

“Sportspeople, and all fans who look up to them, must be confident that their sport is free of discrimination of any nature. Cricket Scotland is not alone; Yorkshire County Cricket club is embroiled in a high-profile racism row. Today the Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC) found eight Yorkshire cricket club players and coaches guilty of using racist language.

“Sporting institutions have a duty of care to staff, fans and the youngsters with ambitions to play the game. They must learn from Cricket Scotland and Yorkshire County Cricket Club and send the message that there is no place for discrimination.”