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Suella Braverman acted unlawfully in abandoning Windrush report recommendations
Today, the High Court ruled that Suella Braverman, as Home Secretary, acted...

Joint response by leading anti-racism organisations to the Church of England Oversight Group’s report on historic links to the slave trade
In light of the recommendations made by the Oversight Group to the Church o...

Our support for Jacqueline McKenzie
Responding to the criticism directed at leading immigration lawyer Jacqueli...

A statement concerning Chichester University’s plans to axe their African history course
We are very concerned that Professor Adi and the historically important cou...

Our response to wrongful arrest of Black woman in Croydon
Responding to the video of a Black mum being wrongly arrested for fare evas...

Our response to concerns over focus on skin colour in newborn checks
We know that maternal care for Black women is woefully inadequate in the UK...

BEO’s statement on racist incident at Desborough College
Further to the racist incident that happened on 16th June to a student at D...

Our statement on the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation
Black communities dismayed that the Police failed to carry out basic polici...

Windrush – Past, Present and Future
Marking 75 years since Empire Windrush docked Thursday 22nd June marks 75 y...

Disgusting computer game that simulates slavery, with players buying, selling and punishing the enslaved, has racism at its heart
'Google clearly has a responsibility to ensure that disgusting ‘games’ ...